Payroll Processing Services

Efficient payroll processing services have become a necessity for every organization in order to streamline payroll, optimize productivity and improve administration. Efillings ensures smooth payroll management services that can help achieve better resource management and save you the hassles and time-consuming tasks of payroll processing. Efillings is recognized as one of the leading payroll processing companies, with years of experience in handling corporate payroll services and the ability to tailor a solution to specifically suit the needs of any organization.

Managing complete payroll processing in addition to your core business processes can become quite overwhelming and often result in payroll issues. Outsourcing payroll management services to Efillings can assure impeccable payroll processing and permit you to focus your time and energy on your core business functions.

Efillings is an Industry Leading Payroll Outsourcing Services Provider and is Committed to Producing Results with the Highest Accuracy and Quality

Efillings, an expert payroll outsourcing company, has an experienced team with deep domain expertise, to deliver outstanding payroll services and differentiate you amongst your business competitors. Efillings places paramount importance towards quality and accuracy while completing payroll processing. We not only save you from worrying about fines and penalties pertaining to late or incorrect filings, but also facilitate cost reductions in payroll management services.

An Overview of Our Payroll Outsourcing Services:

  • Based on the inputs we receive from you, we maintain monthly payroll processing and master data
  • Based on the requirements of your employees and management, we offer you various output reports
  • We perform the activities required for collection and vetting of investment proof at the end of each year
  • We can interact with the authorities concerning registration of your company, such as, with income tax, labor welfare, provident fund, ESIC and professional tax authorities
  • We prepare and submit all statutory returns with government authorities, as required
  • We take care of management of finance reporting, usage, balances, accrual calculation and approval of leaves of your employees
  • We also manage reimbursement against expenses, including reporting, balance computation, vetting of documents, approval and submission of claims

What we Offer in Payroll Processing Services?

  • Paycheck and payroll sheet creation
  • Tax preparation for deposition to state and federal agencies
  • Calculation of state and federal taxes and check creation
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly returns on a state-wide basis
  • Preparation of state and federal returns

Why Choose Efillings as Your Payroll Service Provider?

  • Reliability and continuity of service
  • Opportunity for reduction of operating cost
  • Accurate handling of legislative requirements
  • Availability of more time for core business activities
  • Flexible, accurate and timely delivery
  • Improvement in management productivity and information
  • Focus on continuous improvement of processes
  • Substantial investment not required in software and IT